The Recovery House is a private residential facility. In the heart of scenic Albuquerque, under the majestic Sandia Mountains, we provide a tranquil and serene environment that promotes healing and is unique, compared to other rehabilitation centers.

We remove you from all negative vibes, influence, and toxic environments, while providing an unparalleled experience in a social setting. We never have a group of more than eight individuals. We’ve created a unique method called the 3-pillar concept that detoxifies your body, heals and elevates your mind, and uplifts your spirits and soul. In order to achieve a balanced life, all these three areas need to be stabilized.

Outpatient programs, while having a certain place and time in the recovery process, cannot offer the same one-on-one 24/7 care and high level of support. After enrollment we put you in the most secure and safe positive environment where your recovery is our number one goal. Your individualized, step-by-step treatment will empower you, the patient, while assisting in turning your life around for the better.

Other than the well-proven 12 step system, we ensure you regain the 3-pillar balance, have you participate in group settings both inside and outside of our facility, while teaching you life skills that will lead you to the final step to reclaim your healthy and happy life.

We offer exercises such as yoga therapy and self-defense, as well as games, and other activities. To add excitement and variety, you’ll have fun time playing table tennis, basketball and pool tournaments, while surrounded by the most caring and compassionate staff to help you on your journey to recovery.