Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first brave step toward recovery. You came this far because you need guidance and help. You might feel overwhelmed. We understand. We are here to take you there. We have the solution. Your brand-new life is just a phone call away, and our professional staff will be there with you every step of the way. A fresh beginning awaits.

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How do I pay for the treatment?

We care about you and understand how important it is that you get treatment. We try to keep costs at The Recovery House as low as we can without sacrificing the quality of care. We value quality over quantity, and stand by our services. We know it may be difficult to gather the much-needed funds, so here are some possible options that might help you pay for rehab.

The most important thing is to get your life back on track. Envision yourself becoming a new person free of addiction, and having the freedom to achieve a meaningful future. Think of all the possibilities and options life has to offer. Leaving addiction behind will open up new doors and opportunities. You’ll have a chance to treasure precious human connections, invest in your education, and build financial foundation.

Just by coming to our site you’ve become more responsible. You’ve proven that have the drive. You, yourself, are the most important person to take care of, before getting ready to take care of anyone else. Those who depend on you need you to take back control, build a balanced life, and take charge. To change your old habits means sacrifice. But this time the price at stake is high; this time it’s your life. It is worth more than any other material possession.