Our program was developed by a team of experts, some of them recovered addicts themselves, with decades of experience. We are highly specialized professionals. The Recovery House was founded with the home in mind. We are family; Warm, accepting, guiding and loving. We are all in it together. Our brand is based on this welcoming gesture. We are whole-heartedly committed to providing our guests the taste and smell of home-made meals, by bringing back long-forgotten, positive memories. We offer loving care with a dash of European flavor in the heart of the hypnotizing Land of Enchantment.

We don’t compromise quality over quantity. We’re fueled by compassion toward all fellow humans, and committed to offer recovery based on well-proven methods and unique concepts. Many of us have been there and walked in your shoes. We understand your struggle. Our facility was funded in the hope of helping and caring for every single individual seeking help from substance abuse.

Our Mission

Beyond being dedicated to address and cure the symptoms of drug and alcohol-related addictions and prevent relapsing, our multicultural team of experts offers a proven, evidence-based treatment program focused on social healing and resolving underlying issues resulting in alcohol and drug addiction.

Our Vision

We are committed to achieving results and pushing the boundaries. We are caring and compassionate professionals who constantly develop new strategies. Our goal is to lead the fight against the ever-changing face of drug and alcohol epidemic. We offer unique insight, personal experience recovering from addiction, and extensive background to empower and help our residents in their journey of recovery.

Our Values

We are a Residential Family Recovery Center based on the following ideals for everyone:

  • Patient/Resident/Guest centered focus for planning and care
  • Supportive, inclusive, multidisciplinary team approach to treat addiction
  • Respect for all roles in the multidisciplinary team, and tolerance of our differences
  • Open and clear communication
  • Recognition of and respect of everyone visiting or staying at our facility
  • Mindfulness in delivering efficient and cost-effective services
  • Faithfully serving all of our unique guests
  • Conducting business with honesty and integrity at every level